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By Juha Janhunen, Marja Peltomaa, Erika Sandman, Xiawu Dongzhou

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By contrast, many crops (grain or oilseeds, for instance) contain more than one exploitable component (protein and starch, or protein and fat, respectively). In accordance with different consumptive or industrial needs, cultivational efforts have successfully been directed at varying the relationship between these components, thereby producing a wide range of species of wheat, soybeans, rape, etc. and corresponding markets and prices. Conversion to a standardized crop is much more difficult in these cases due to the at least two-dimensional quality basis and - in the case of time series data - to the rapid cultivational and technical progress.

The model could be supplemented by a third identity defining the market residual. However, this increases the explanatory power of the model only if we additionally impose the constraint that h(·,·) solves problem (MIN). Such a constraint would be highly nonlinear and could, in practice, not be tested upon. It is therefore simply assumed that f3( ',' ) solves problem (MIN). This assumption replaces 40Strictly speaking, the assumptions on the partial derivatives of f3( . , . ) are new; they have not previously been made.

47The complementary product in the centrifuging and refining of sugar is blackstrap (or final) molassse, a heavy liquid from which all commercially recoverable sugar has been removed. It is of a bitter taste and inapt for human consumption. It is mainly used for livestock feed and to a lesser extent in the manufacture of industrial alcohols or other chemical products. 48Crystalline sugar is highly hygroscopic and hence expensive to store. However, white sugar is even more hygroscopic than is raw, thus raw sugar is usually preferred for transport or inventory purposes.

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