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Thus looked and as petty this type now understand why men like him to place out of the world their heel of others. If he should again mingle in politics, one will him to fight their while. I against the attempts of itself war which put ^^ upon German party Ufe with as suffocating in the disdain. It struck atmosphere of guild squabbles. ^® Having absorbed the Marxist criticism of 'bourgeois democracy,' Weber turned away from conservatism, Pan-Germanism, and monarchical loyalties. trinsic He did so not because he had learned to believe in the in- value of democratic constitutional government as a 'government of the people, for the people, constitutional at home and and by the people,' but because he believed democracy was the only solution for Germany's problems abroad.

Aspirations of the war-party as idiotic and, it In so far as elements political rivalries of nations. ), will be confiscated and used against us; thus at once the number asses [of the of British ships will be increased German navy] do —a we not calculate. Second, matter which these shall have 500,000 American sportsmen as volunteers, brilliandy equipped, against our tired troops, a matter which these asses do not believe. Third, forty billion in cash will be available to our enemies. Fourth, three more years of war; thus, certain ruin.

A its mental- parliamentary competition of parties should bring political leaders of perspective and of passionate will to power. technical know-how They should a technical tions in which steer the bureaucracy, means and never for modern possess the society and sense only as politically responsible for the rise of charismatic leaders, the drift towards ever-denser felt Weber made as a policy-making Weber hoped agency. In the best case, though he They should required for subduing the bureaucracy to their will.

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