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E) The current in each case would still be 2 rnA. Being ideal, the generator gives a 2 rnA output whatever the resistance connected between its terminals. 3. In case 1a, power = 1 rnA x 10 V = 10 mW. In case 1b, power = 2 rna x 10 V = 20 mW. 00001 kW. 4 mW. 24 mW. In case 2c, power = 2 mA x 112 kV = 224 W. In each case above the same power is supplied by the generator as is dissipated in the resistor or resistors. To find the energy delivered we multiply each power in turn by 10 x 60 seconds. The answers are then in Joules.

Many, in fact, could not supply a current as large as this at all. We shall investigate in later frames how to make circuit models which take account of the imperfections of non-ideal generators. In the last few frames we have analysed circuits consisting of resistors connected to voltage generators. Another circuit element which is very useful in modelling circuit behaviour is the current generator. We will look at this in the next few frames. 36 DIRECT CURRENT CIRCUITS 35 CURRENT GENERATORS An ideal current generator is a circuit element which will supply a given current to a circuit regardless of the voltage developed across it.

8 4. 25 11W Note: power calculations involving the expressions PR and Vl/R are best carried out as above. Because of the squared terms it is easy to make mistakes in calculating the power of 10 to be used with the basic unit of Watts. (3) P = VI so P = 14 X 2 X 10- 3 W = 28 X 10- 3 W = 28 mW or P = 14 V x 2 rnA = 28 mW 5. 14 kO = 140 0. 20mA Values of 130 0 or 150 0 can be selected from the E24 range. 7 rnA. 8 rnA. 5 Largest current would be 30 DIRECT CURRENT CIRCUITS 23 GENERATORS In circuit terms, a generator is a circuit element which is capable of supplying electrical energy to a circuit.

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