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5 ENDNOTES 1. E. G. Harris, Paul G. Huray, F. E. Obenshain, J. O. Thompson, and R. A. Villecco, “Experimental Test of Weyl’s Gauge-Invariant Geometry,” Physical Review D 7, no. 8 (April 1973): 15. 2. R. V. Pound, and G. A. , “Gravitational Red-Shift in Nuclear Resonance,” Physical Review Letters 3, no. 9 (1959): 439–41. 3. Hans C. Ohanian, Gravitation and Spacetime (New York: W. W. Norton, 1976). 4. S. Arrhenius, “The Propagation of Life in Space,” Die Umschau 7 (1903): 481. 5. org/. Chapter 2 Plane Waves in Compound Media LEARNING OBJECTIVES • Mathematically describe the character of plane waves as they propagate from one medium into another • Relate the reflection and refraction of plane waves at the medium boundary to material properties • Describe the changing character of waves as they propagate through a series of different media, including media that continuously change with distance • Mathematically describe the change of polarization of waves as they interact with compound media INTRODUCTION Electromagnetic waves typically propagate from one medium to another in practical applications.

The author and others made such a measurement by using the Mössbauer effect and showed1 that the Herman Weyl coefficient (if it exists at all) is at most ±2 × 10−48. One of the beautiful aspects of science is that answers to phenomenon often lead to other unanswered questions. The issue of low intensity of light from quasars today remains unanswered to many scientists’ satisfaction. We have seen that the Doppler shift adequately explains the frequency shift of electromagnetic waves with frequencies in the visible spectrum (1015 Hz), even for relative velocities that approach the speed of light, c = 3 × 108 m/s.

For example, information pulses are contained within a core glass fiber with a surrounding sheath with a different index of refraction; oil is on the surface of water from which light is reflecting/refracting; waves approach a conductor covered by an insulating material. In some cases, a continuum of changing media is considered. For example, electromagnetic waves are incident on the earth’s atmosphere from outer space, and communication signals are reflected from the ionosphere to overcome the curvature of the earth.

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