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Guinness World Records 2012

From the shortest siblings to the longest beard, from the smallest jet engine to the most important tug-of-war tournament—if an international list has been created or exceeded, it’s here!
Guinness global Records™ 2012 provides the main outstanding, inspiring, and wild checklist breakers ever. choked with don’t-try-this-at-home human exploits, common and technological wonders, tremendous achievements in activities and leisure, and masses extra, this totally up-to-date variation introduces exciting new files and really good proof that would fascinate old and young alike. were you aware . . .
• Swiss high-wire artist Freddy Nock played the top cable stroll at a death-defying 10,836 toes, braving harsh winds and below-freezing temperatures?
• A Missouri guy was once engulfed by way of a twister in his cellular domestic and awakened 398 miles away—the farthest distance to be moved in a twister and survive?
• the biggest pizza commercially on hand measures 4'6" vast? This large meal feeds as much as a hundred humans and retails at $199. ninety nine . . . plus tax.
And that’s only a trace of what you’ll locate inside of this addictive publication, together with new images and spreads at the 2012 summer season Olympics in London, a background of time (including the Mayan calendar), and the world’s greatest popular culture conference: Comic-Con in San Diego.

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City where a state or country’s government is located 4 P 5 O B 4. things that get in the way or block progress 6 7. something bet, such as money 7 8. deeds that show great courage, skill, or strength C W 8 9. wanting all you can get without thinking of what others need 9 G 10. tall poles that support a boat’s sails DOWN F 10 M 2. a very short time; a moment 5. paid someone to do something wrong or something he or she didn’t want to do 3. continued making an effort 6. rooms on a ship with hanging sleeping berths B.

Com 33 Around World 80 Days SG AROUND 09/25/06 THE 9:32 PM WORLD IN Page 34 21 EIGHTY DAYS • Chapter 9 COMPREHENSION CHECK NAME ____________________________________ DATE _______________________ To complete each statement below, unscramble one word and add one word from the box. ) Carnatic Henrietta London Bordeaux Liverpool station sailor bribe docks passengers Newfoundland Captain Speedy 1. The MATERES __________________ for __________________ seemed to be Fogg’s best chance of reaching England in time.

Write T or F to show whether each statement below is true or false. 1. _____ Bound for New York, the train heads west. 7. _____ Proctor is taken prisoner by the departing Sioux. 2. _____ Fogg tells Proctor he’s in a hurry to return to England. 8. _____ Fogg asks the soldiers to help rescue the prisoners. 3. _____ Each man carried two revolvers. 4. _____ The engineer’s body pushes the throttle backward. 9. _____ Fogg asks Fix to stay behind and protect Aouda. 10. _____ All night long, Aouda worries about Fogg and Passepartout.

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