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Other factors may be less evident, sueh as the physieal position of the animals, air currents, changes in humidity and barometric pressure, and even odors and gasesin the atmosphere. In one study of the efiects of drugs on the behavior of miee, the experimental animals were placed in the same box as tle controls rvith only a wire partition between. All physical factors seemed to be equal until it was noticed that the light carne from a window in one side of the room anC that the mice on the lighter side of the box ate more than those on the darker side.

Calves followed their mothers, and one of the bulls lumbered around and threatened others, who moved out of the way when they saw him coming. Off on the edge of the herd, a bull attacked a young pine tree and tore it to pieces with his horns. Finally the whole herd stirred restlessly and went off down the valley. 14 ANIMAL FE}IAVIOR What were the buftalo doing? According to the stimulus-response theory, beiravior is essentially an attempt to adapt to change. Yet all that I could see in a short observation period were se'"teralconfusing activities whose causes and adaptive effects were not immediately apparent.

One was that the puppies might respond differently ta different experimenters, aird the test was therefore arranged so that two different people tested the sarne puppies. Another was the order cf testing. As a litter rvas being handled, the first puppies saw action much sooner than those which were kept waiting around to be tested last, and ttris might affect their behavior difierentiy. Therefore the test had to be repeated, reversing the order. st was repeated only once ever;r two weeks, with the expectation ihat the puppies would have largely forgotten their earlier experience.

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