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Whence the statement has been truly made by certain philosophers, that knowledge can be found in no one except a wise man who should not only have perfect command of what he supports and follows, but should also cling to it truly and firmly. But we know that he whom you mentioned, often said many things that were not true, a fact which I have learned not only from others who reported it to me, but which I myself sometimes witnessed. Should I call him, then, a learned man since he often said what was not true, if I would not consider him learned who spoke the truth in a hesitating manner?

34 And, lest you think that I am afraid, I shall even be glad to take up arms against them themselves (the Academicians) if they have defended those doctrines which we have read in their books, not to conceal their meaning lest certain sacred principles of truth should be carelessly handed over by them to defiled and irreverent minds, but because they really believed them. ' Our discussion that day continued up to this point. XI. 25. On the following day, however, although the weather was just as mild and pleasant, still it was with difficulty that we were released from our household duties.

18 Cf. ' 19 Cf. 20 12. 21 Hence the Academicians seemed to portray your wise man as always sleeping and neglecting all his duties since they thought he never gave assent to anything. Hereupon, by introducing a kind of probability which they even mentioned as being similar to truth, they maintained that the wise man was in no way negligent in his duties since he had that which he was striving for; truth, however, lay hidden, being either crushed or obscured because of the darkness of our nature or the similarity existing in all things, although they said that the very withholding and, as it were, suspension of assent was, indeed, the great achievemen of the wise man.

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