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An encyclopedia of aviation and house, from early mythology to destiny customers, together with additionally facets of similar matters similar to astronomy and drugs. contains either brief definitions and lengthy essay articles illustrated with diagrams, drawings and images, many in colour.

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Member a of the American and Astronautics and the Union. married to the former Gratia Smeltzer, and they have two children. J. Kay w. Kroehnke See also: Astronauts adjusting the receiver until the imposed. A from the receiver. , Jr. Referring to the loran chart, the operator finds a series pair. of lines drawn on the chart for each station These lines are marked in microseconds and represent the all points along which same time interval ular station pair. this The it is between blips for that particaircraft is somewhere along Hne of position (LOP).

To compute the load factor, it determine all forces acting on the its include vertical others. The lift, is aircraft the load factor. It is maintaining straight and thus has a load factor of pertinent force acting The load weight. 1 ^; vertical on the and divided by the weight commonly expressed in terms of gravitational units, or An These gravity, centrifugal force, sum of these forces, of the aircraft, necessary to the only The load factor thus fuel the plane range), and is used in figuring how can carry (thereby determining in setting hmits on cargo load (thereby determining its its passenger and usefulness).

The T-33, known among pilots as the T-Bird, was also flown by 25 foreign countries. The T-33 design gave rise to two other aircraft. S. Navy for carrier training. In the early 1950's Lockheed developed an all-weather interceptor from the T-33, the F-94 Starfire. The Starfire, also produced in quantity, featured an afterburner for added speed, a nose radar to lock on to its intended target, and rockets for successful, and a total of 5,691 tional 656 were destroying its prey. See also: Fighter Claude G.

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