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By Jaideva Singh, Paul Muller-Ortega

This can be a lengthy statement on a brief Tantra. probably the most authoritative and commemorated texts in Kashmir Shaivism, it bargains with the character of final truth and with tools of recognition concentrating on the idea and perform of Mantra. Abhinavagupta offers his metaphysics of language, of the realm (Vak), and its relation to attention. He calls it 'the instructing of the key of the Trika doctrine.'

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1) A bhinavagupta says th at the prayojana or purpose of the Pard-Trilikd- Vivarana 20 Idstra is mukti or liberation, but he scouts the popular idea of mukti as deliverance from the vehicles of the Self or from the categories (tattodni) of existence. H e valiantly maintains that mukti only means identification of the self w ith the Suprem e I-consciousness of the Divine. , p. 6, 1. e. they alone are fit to study this Idstra in order to attain mukti who are oriented towards the Lord through grace.

It is also symbolic of the meeting point of the prdna and apdna. T he difference between the two is th at in oifuoat, the neutral or zero point comes at the end of prdna and commencement of apdna, whereas in abhijit, it comes at the end of apdna and commencement of prdna. 10. Sthana-bheda refers to the difference of bahyadvadafdnta and antaraduddafanta. 11. Sakala and nifkala in itia tio n : Sakala initiation is for one who after realization of the Supreme wants to remain in the world and help others in their realization of liberty.

1 1,1 ). e. though it is present in every one, it is not realized by all. Siddhi means, according to the principle already described, liberation in life itself (in the form of identity with the divine consciousness) generating the m uch sought-after supernormal 34 Pard-Trtiikd-Vivarana powers, animd13 etc. e. without contemplation (bhdvand)14, karana}** etc. , the m uch sought-after powers of animd etc. D. D. 5b-6). , born or sprung in kula. Siddhi means the achievement of the appearance of diversity, beginning with the expansion of ‘Aa’, the expression of Sakti’s delight and ending with the evolution of the m ultitude o f external existents.

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