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A multi-purpose reference paintings which may still turn into an essential better half for anyone who comes into contact with Hinduism. contains a dictionary of Sanskrit and vernacular phrases; a thesaurus of phrases and ideas; and a survey of the old improvement of Hinduism.

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Avatāra descent, advent; descent of god to earth; divine incarnation undertaken for the purpose of assisting the world or mankind in distress or showing it the path to salvation. The first indication of the notion of divine incarnation can be found in the RV when Aditi, the goddess of infinity, who represents the precreational dimension of reality, gave birth to the world, gods and men and then was born into the world as the daughter of one of her sons, the god (10, 72, 4–5). g. in the RV by the three steps of and in TS and SB by his appearance as a dwarf.

By modifying one’s actions one can modify one’s ‘fate’, not only in the future, but to a degree also in present events, although the consequences of past deeds cannot be entirely escaped. But there is no justification for regarding, as is sometimes done, the belief in the inevitability of karmic retribution as fatalism, since even though present consequences of past deeds cannot be avoided, there is always, in the Hindu outlook, the possibility of shaping one’s future karmic destiny by considered actions in the present.

It has four stages. brāhmī an early form of writing derived from a Semitic source which was used in Aśoka’s rock edicts and developed later into devanāgarī script. Roy (first as Brahma Sabhā), a kind of Hindu equivalent of European Unitarianism. It stressed INTRODUCTION 33 the unity of God, rejected priesthood, sacrifices, representations of God, the caste system and the teaching of reincarnation. Sen and it survives as a relatively small but progressive sect mainly in West Bengal. one of the most important belonging to the White YV, pre-Buddhist, ascribed to Yājñavalkya.

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