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By Albert Ellis

"A consultant to Rational dwelling" offers a lot sought-after solutions for people with difficulties, and it may possibly aid each person to believe greater approximately themselves and to accommodate their lives extra successfully.

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T w o French Independents: A n d re G reen and Joyce McDougall The French Independents comprise one of the most muscularly eclectic sections of the analytic population and provide a bridge between the British and French schools. Green’s massive, complex and inclusive oeuvre is only as yet partially translated into English (Green 1986, 1988 [2001], 1997 [2000], 1999a, 1999c, 2002, 2003, 2005a, 2005c). Green has kept his finger on the pulse of most innovative psychoanalytic developments over more than thirty years, and I will merely touch on some of his central themes here.

It belongs in the nature of certain concepts, not necessarily developed to a huge extent by Winnicott himself, which have been taken up by these theorists and both mined for their potential and re­ worked in a way which is more in tune with the shift from structural to process-based concepts of self. These W innicottian concepts require a reassessment of the psycho­ analytic frame of reference, and provide a starting point for a version of psychoanalysis slightly different from the classical one—one which is more artistic than scientific (and explodes that dualism) and which privileges deep unconscious processes as the route to development.

In her four books (McDougall 1978, 1982, 1989, 1995), she explores forms of psychopathology (narcissistic, perverse and psychosomatic) through which a precarious self is constructed from early deficit (see Chapter 6). Her groundbreaking work on alexithymia, or an inability to symbolize affect, with its concomitant ‘operatory thinking’ (McDougall 1978, 1989), facilitates clinical work with people who do not seem to have feelings and might traditionally have been considered unsuitable for analysis.

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