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By George R. R. Martin

O bafo merciless e impiedoso do Inverno já se sente. Quando Jon Snow consegue regressar à Muralha, perseguido pelos antigos companheiros do Povo Livre, não sabe o que irá encontrar nem como será recebido pelos seus irmãos da Patrulha da Noite. Só tem uma certeza: há coisas bem piores do que a hoste de selvagens a aproximarem-se pela floresta assombrada.

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It would perk up at the sight of her, and when she got near it would undulate ecstatically between her legs. To Fiona, the cat was a secret treasure in a world of ugliness. And then one night it hadn’t been there at all. Somehow she knew that it was gone forever, yet she continued to go out night after night in hopeless desperation. The last night she’d even forgone her evening meal entirely, saving the few scraps of fatty pork with the idea that perhaps a larger offering would attract the cat back to her side.

Surely such a disaster was worth risking almost anything to avert. Loghain could dismiss the idea, but Maric was less convinced. What if the witch was correct? What if the whole point of receiving such a prophecy was that it gave you a chance to try to prevent it? “You’re right,” he admitted with a heavy sigh. ” Loghain stepped back, folding his arms and looking at Maric skeptically. ” Maric shrugged. “They’re desperate and asking too much. We can give them advice, maybe even draw out a map with as much information as we can remember.

The King peered at him curiously. “Doesn’t it seem, I don’t know . . ” Duncan laughed. “But there must be more to it. Why are there so many? ” Duncan spread his hands helplessly. “You’re talking to the wrong Grey Warden. ” “That’s it? Nothing else? ” “That’s pretty much it. ” King Maric gave him a significant look. ” He shrugged, avoiding the man’s gaze. ” For another hour they sat in silence, Duncan watching Kinloch Hold loom larger and larger before them. The thin spire appeared to rise out of the middle of the lake, and he wondered faintly how the mages had built it out there.

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