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Here they are as mathematics: + − /∗ = | < > ( ). 2 Typeset the equation a + b = c − d = xy = w/z as in-line and displayed mathematical text. 3 text. Typeset the equation (f g) = f g+f g as in-line and displayed mathematical Many other symbols, as you would expect, are predefined control words. All Greek letters are available. 4 Typeset αβ = γ + δ as in-line and displayed mathematical text. 5 Typeset Γ(n) = (n − 1)! as in-line and displayed mathematical text. Sometimes accents are put above or below symbols.

After the end of the group, the old settings are in effect again. Note that it is necessary to include \par or to use a blank line before the closing brace to end the paragraph, since otherwise the group will end and TEX will go back to the old parameters before the paragraph is actually typeset (this is an easy mistake to make). 31 A TEX intro (Canadian spelling) Section 4: Groups, Groups, {and More Groups} When line-spacing control words (like \centerline) act on text following it in braces, that text is implicitly in a group.

This causes the next paragraph to be formed with every line indented by \parindent and, in addition, the first line labeled on the left by whatever is between the braces. It is usually used with \parskip = 0 pt, since that control word determines the vertical space between the different items. The control word \itemitem is the same as \item except that the indentation is twice as far, that is, twice the value of \parindent. Here is an example: TEXbook: 102 \parskip = 0pt \parindent = 30 pt \noindent Answer all the following questions: \item{(1)} What is question 1?

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