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By Bert Kinzey

Intimately AND SCALE;
COVERS ALL U.S. army AND USMC models

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There are 8 subsystems that process matter and energy (for example, ingestion), 10 that process information (for example, memory and encoder), and 2 that process all three (for example, reproduction). Thus, the encoder in a cell is a component-producing hormone and in a national government a press secretary. All 20 subsystems are seen as critical to the continuation of life at any given level of living-system complexity and hence for the evolutionary process. This elaborate tour de force tried to do for systems what Mendeleyev's periodic table achieved for chemical elements [4].

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If a system is complex, we simplify it by dividing it into subsystems. If we still cannot handle the subsystems, we reduce the system further. Finally we arrive at problems we can solve; fame and success come with publishing. The process leads inexorably to a plethora of papers that deal profoundly with unimportant, even trivial, problems. A crucial assumption in reductionism is that the whole system is the sum of its parts and that, in splitting the system into its component parts, we can study each part in isolation.

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