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Only once does he admit enjambement: Praef. g. Aenig. g. Aenig. ) and his expression is sometimes very poetic: note, for example, Aenig. 1 ‘purpura sum terrae’. g. Aenig. 3). g. Aenig. g. Praef. g. Aenig. g. Aenig. 2). 117 (d) Latinity and metre Although ‘late’ forms can be identified in Symphosius,118 and his possible African origins119 may have led him to introduce false quantities, at any rate in speech,120 his prosody follows classical norms: Ohl reports, 16, that only twice does he admit nonclassical quantities, at Aenig.

Facile contenderit. paucis vero antiquorum palmam apte dicendi concesserit . ’ . The following brief observations, based on my text, can be made regarding his metrics. For fuller discusssion of individual points, see the Commentary. Symphosius: ● ● ● ● ● avoids elision (cf. on Praef. 4, 15, Aenig. 2) and admits prodelision with est infrequently: Aenig. Praef. 3 ‘nata est’. Also, in the middle of the line, Aenig. 3 ‘magna est’. There are no examples of hiatus. ends hexameters with monosyllables at Aenig.

Ipsa domus resonat, tacitus sed non sonat hospes. ambo tamen currunt hospes simul et domus una. 13 navis longa feror velox formosae filia silvae, innumeris pariter comitum stipata catervis. curro vias multas, vestigia nulla relinquens. 14 pullus in ovo mira tibi referam nostrae primordia vitae: nondum natus eram, nec eram iam matris in alvo; iam posito partu natum me nemo videbat. 15 vipera non possum nasci, si non occidero matrem. occidi matrem, sed me manet exitus idem. id mea mors patitur quod iam mea fecit origo.

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